Our Competitiveness


Years of experience in Lithium Rechargeable battery technology

  • Complete R&D, Manufacturing & Quality systems for Li-Po cell, BMS & battery pack.
  • Comprehensive Quality Assurance Verification test setup to verify & characterize performance of cells and battery packs
  • In-depth knowledge of all relevant product and regulatory requirements
  • Highly experienced battery and power supply designers

Proprietary intelligent BMS

  • Modular design that can be cascaded for required voltage & capacity
  • Force charging balancing algorithm for more efficient performance
  • Proven to work flawlessly in high power applications

Commercialise battery packs

  • EV battery packs for E-Bike, E-Scooter, Golf cart and neighbourhood vehicles
  • Green battery packs for Base Station, Mini Solar plant, medical backup power system and etc.

Competitive pricing

  • Better than most competitors
  • Good quality & reliability
  • Exceeding Lead Acid Battery in overall operating cost and performance for certain application