Introduction of Property Development

  • Trive Group Property Berhad has a core team of experienced workforce consisting of:

    • Engineers and executives of ex-multinational companies
    • Each team member has own specialized expertise
      • Automobile
      • Aerospace
      • Telecommunications
      • Power supply
      • Consumer electronics
      • Battery
      • Military equipment & etc.
  • Each team member on average has > 10 years experience in design, manufacturing, process engineering, quality engineering, research and development, and marketing.

  • Trive Group Property Berhad is fortunate to have assembled a team of industry experts from various multinational companies such as Sony, Nortel, Motorola and Intel with combinational know-how & skills that make Trive Group Property Berhad unique (the key reason for Trive Group Property Berhads success story at a fraction of normal R&D cost).

  • As a pioneer in the green energy storage solution provider, and with Malaysian Government assistance we can bring the know-how gained to a different level and to compete on world stage.

#The value of Trive Group Property Berhad is represented by its core team ofdedicated and experienced management team.